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Posted on   April 28, 2015 10:05 am by  Shaun Mannix  No Comments


Issues pop up every day. Some good, some bad, some somewhere in the middle.
It happens to everyone: schoolteachers, managers, doctors, entrepreneurs, you.
So much of the time and energy surrounding solving issues is wasted.

Waste. What a concept.

I’m not interested in eliminating waste. I think there is an optimal amount of waste. An amount that’s a natural result of work, risk, creativity. An amount which is a byproduct of good ideas and solutions.

But wasted waste is no good. Wasted waste slows things down, leads to lost time and higher costs. It confuses things.

As an example, I regularly see someone asked an exploratory question and responding to it like it’s a directive. Someone asks “what would happen if…?” The other hears “ we need to do this…”

The first person is merely wondering, just asking for some speculation about what would happen if they did something specific. The other person is hearing a directive to do something specific. Instead of gathering information so they can make a reasoned decision…a rush to action.

It can be entertaining to watch, at least if it’s not something important. A casual comment of speculation turned into a sprint to action. Often action without thought, without information, without agreement, without knowing if it makes any sense at all.

How long does the sprint go on? How far does the runner get? Where does the runner go?

Who knows?

The amazing thing is how once started the action is hard to stop. A casual question sets off action that takes on a life of its own.

Does it lead to better results? Does it solve whatever issue led to the initial question? Does anyone even remember why the action got started? Is it ever productive?

Who knows?

So much effort for such little chance of reward. Wasted effort. Effort wasted due to a failure to communicate effectively. Waste.

One thing sure to result: excess stomach acid. That’s a waste too.