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Wishes of re-charged batteries and some Peace this Season

Wishes of re-charged batteries and some Peace this Season
Posted on   December 18, 2015 12:37 pm by  admin  No Comments

In an upside-down world, its hard to know where to start with Seasons Greetings in 2015. However in ignoring some of the distractions of the day, some rest and rejuvenation seems like it would go a long way. I don’t think I’ve seen or spoken with anyone the past few months who wouldn’t welcome that.

Transwall has again been graced by an outstanding cast of clients, employees, vendors and friends in 2015. The 4th quarter was somewhat of a break-from-the-pack finish. We know plenty of folks who will be cruising into New Years Eve – looking happy  to be there!

Thus, the wishes for some rest.

As always,  we’ve learned a lot.

We’ve identified the things we will change and improve upon next year, and have a pretty good idea as to where to focus our resources. There are many new members of our team who joined us this year. They strengthen our brand as well as give us more reasons to enjoy the hunt each day!

If I were to brag – here we go – I would drop the names of some pretty cool projects, with new clients like:

  • NBCU
  • Twitter
  • The Washington Post
  • QVC
  • Mars Drinks
  • Campbells Soup
  • Politico

…to name a few.

Many thanks to all of our friends and stakeholders.

We enjoy what we do. Each of you are a huge part of that experience.

Best Wishes,


Interior Design Hall of Fame Gala

Posted on   December 10, 2015 2:20 pm by  admin  No Comments
Hall of fame dinner
L-R: Judith Carlson, Ray Steventon, Sabrina Valerio, Marc Valois, Hannah Hackathorn, Brian Hackathorn, Elena Koroleva, Shaun Mannix, Christina Kwon. Not pictured: Andres Navia

The 31st annual Interior Design Hall of Fame awards gala was held on Tuesday, December 2nd at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. The event recognizes designers who have made significant contributions to the growth and prominence of the interior design field.

Transwall is proud to have been a Benefactor of the gala and was well represented by Shaun Mannix, CEO, Marc Valois, Vice President, Principal and Ray Steventon, Vice President International Division. They were in good company at Transwall’s table with (pictured above) Judith Carlson (Ted Moudis), Sabrina Valerio (Ted Moudis), Hannah Hackathorn (Unispace), Brian Hackathorn (Studios), Elena Koroleva (Studios), Christine Kwon (Ted Moudis), and Andres Navia (Ted Moudis).

Transwall congratulates the 2015 ID Hall of Fame inductees:


The black tie event with a delicious dinner, ceremony, inspirational documentaries, and reception was a nod to the great influencers in the industry. Transwall looks forward to participating in next year’s 32nd Interior Design Hall of Fame!

Why Acoustics Matters in Open Office Design

Posted on   December 4, 2015 9:44 am by  admin  No Comments

Should you consider acoustics when designing your new office? Absolutely. Take less than two minutes to watch the video Transwall created highlighting the importance of acoustics in open office design.