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First Round Draft Pick……..or Not

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I watched the Super Bowl. Probably quite a few of you did too. It was a great time as the game was exciting and quite a few bizarre and quirky things occurred.. Even the commercials were mostly interesting and gave me some ideas about how, and how not, to catch prospect’s attention and interest. Then there was that halftime show. I have already reserved my dancing shark costume for next Halloween.

As usual, in addition to enjoying the game I was looking for ideas to improve how Transwall operates. Often my best ideas come from closely observing and thinking about how organizations completely unlike us work. Getting inbred is a problem for all of us as we spend so much of our time with people from the same industry.

I found myself paying particular attention to the backgrounds of the players. Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback, won the MVP award. This is the third time he has been picked as Super Bowl MVP.

Tom Brady is surely one of the best football players ever and probably one of the most famous athletes in the world. A whole team rides on his back, legions of fans revere him, and he gets paid around 14 million dollars a year…which will go up next season.

Not bad for a 6th round draft pick from the University of Michigan.

Then there was Malcom Butler, an undrafted, little known rookie player from Division II University of West Alabama, a community college dropout, and a player who wasn’t even part of the team’s game plan. You remember him, the player Patriot’s coaching staff inserted into the game at the last minute. The player who intercepted the pass on the one yard line with 26 seconds to go and saved the game for the Patriots.

Neither one a first round draft pick. Neither one picked to be a rare talent who would turn into a star. Yet someone saw something in both of them, gave them a chance, and they outplayed all the first round draft picks in the league.

It got me thinking about how we hire people. How many first round draft picks do we chase instead of really looking at people and noticing their character, their passion, their drive to succeed and do a good job? All too often managers get caught up in the glitter and the expectations and forget what really makes a good employee.

At Transwall we’ve had more success, had more fun, and optimized our precious hiring budget over the years keeping a keen eye out for the Malcom Butlers of the world.

You know Butler was the happiest guy just to be there. He was hoping for a chance and ready to prove his worth. And then they put him in the game!

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