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Office Wall Partitions for Businesses

Why Business Owners choose Transwall wall partitions.

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Transwall Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Walls

Transwall is your source for energy efficient, GREEN and sustainable modular office wall systems. We are an Environmentally Conscious Manufacturer and Installer of World Class modular wall systems. Our Green Policy tends to both Green product components and Manufacturing.

Transwall glass wall systems give you the power to harness the power of natural sunlight to reduce energy costs. Create beautiful environmentally-friendly work spaces that inspire efficiency and productivity with Transwall’s wide selection of movable wall systems, glass wall systems, storage options, and sound management solutions.

Design Support

Your Transwall Representative is ready to support your design needs. We’re here to guide you in selecting the right movable or glass wall system, choosing the right door, selecting hardware and fittings, managing specifications, calculating projects, documenting LEED details, managing your installation, and more.

Transwall Wall Design
Transwall Sustainability

Sustainability –Adaptable & Reconfigurable

Reusability is at the heart of every Transwall product. Change is inevitable in today’s work environments. Designed to save you time and money, Transwall’s movable and glass wall systems give you the stability of quality materials and the economy of easily reconfigurable work spaces.


Substantive, functional, transformable, and totally adaptable, Transwall’s modular office wall partitions give you unprecedented durability and flexibility. A budget friendly choice, Transwall products give you the ability to reimagine and transform existing floor plans into something altogether different.
Recyclables have value. Recycling allows materials that would become waste to be used as valuable resources. Recycling saves you money because you avoid disposal costs.

Transwall Before Office TransformationBefore
Transwall After Office TransformationAfter