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Proud GSA Contract Holder for Office Partitions

Transwall is a GSA contract holder, and can provide movable walls for any project.

Transwall GSA Contract Holder

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Seasoned & Well-prepared GSA Contractor

For over 40 years, GSA and Government agencies have chosen to work with Transwall for their wall needs because they appreciate our seasoned and well-prepared team. You can depend on the Transwall team to deploy innovative tools and methods. Our goal is to learn your organization’s mission, goals , and workplace needs before attempting to design for it. You get the perfect fit within your budget.

Design & Delivery

Transwall is committed to designing and delivering workplaces that maximize your long-term economic and strategic value because we believe in creating lasting relationships and the power of sustainability.

Transwall Office Wall Delivery
Transwall Office Cubicle Strategy

Solve Problems

Transwall offers flexible and innovative solutions to federal customers. Traditional workplace planning that focuses only on data often does not solve problems that ultimately benefit the organization. Transwall is different. We make it our business to understand your business function, employee work patterns, constraints, and mission before the design process begins. You save time, effort and money.


Transwall makes it possible for GSA and Government agencies to leverage the government’s volume to meet reasonable pricing objectives. It’s about accommodating services and giving you solutions based pricing.

Transwall Partition Wall Costs

Compliance Efficiency

We know that compliance is key to your success. We also believe that it is our duty to manage compliance efficiently for you to reduce taxpayer costs. The Transwall team always provides an up-to-date pricelist that reflects our current products, services, and pricing. You can rest easy knowing that we have developed and implemented a secure system to ensure your GSA Schedule Contract is consistently current, complete, and compliant.

Go Beyond

Transwall provides tools, guidance and consultant support that goes beyond delivering traditional office design. The tools and support are scaled to the level of employee engagement that your client organization deems appropriate and can be minimally intrusive as the client organization goes about its mission. As a result, you will enjoy the control of a customer-driven process which adds real value to your real estate.