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MARS Drinks HQ Undergoes Renovation

MARS Drinks HQ Undergoes Renovation
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During 2011-2013, the Mars HQ in West Chester, PA underwent a dramatic transformation at the hands of the architecture firm JacobsWyper. By removing a portion of the second floor, they created a stunning two story entry way allowing the space to fill with light on sunny days due to the high ceiling and windows.

This sense of spaciousness was continued throughout the interior with our ONE LP by Transwall® partition system. We provided 520 lineal feet of glass panels and 30 door units to create the acoustically tested conference rooms.

“The Transwall walls look and work really great, but we already knew this. We really like the reveal detail that makes them look like they float. What was really surprising was the quietness in the offices. While taking pictures of the finished conference rooms we couldn’t communicate via glass with the photographer. We had to leave the room and walk around to hear his instructions”. Magdalena Nogalski Krapf  AIA  

Mars Drinks is famous for Dove brand Hot Chocolate, Alterra Coffee Roasters and other tasty beverages. The headquarters is conveniently located in West Chester, close to Transwall ®.

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