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National Office Furniture

National Office Furniture
Posted on   October 21, 2015 3:06 pm by  admin  No Comments

Transwall’s friend and client, National Office Furniture, recently opened a new corporate HQ facility on the campus of National’s parent, Kimball International, in Jasper, IN.

The 50,000 square foot facility houses over 140 employees. The structure and interiors were designed by Gensler and National’s internal design team.

The completed project mirrors the shift in today’s workplaces to create floor plans geared toward activity based space planning. Employees can choose to work in different areas based on the task they are working on. The facility is outfitted with National furniture and Transwall’s ONE glass office front systems.

The leadership of National and the project’s lead, Gwen Gunselman, all commented on the smooth completion of the project as well as how the move to glass office fronts actually exceeded many employees expectations for acoustical privacy.

National is known as ‘Furniture with Personality’ as has lived that mantra since its inception in 1980. The space is being used as a working showroom to display product capabilities and promote idea generation with guests.

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