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Modular Office Wall Systems

  • Movable
  • Demountable
  • Reusable and Reconfigurable
  • Classic modern appearance
  • All metal component construction
  • Supports  virtually any office system furniture
  • Readily accessible panel interior
  • Solid and segmented steel skin panels
  • Full and segmented Glass Panels
  • Clerestory / Half Glass
  • Full height modular glass walls
  • LEED documentation available
  • Power and data ports at virtually any panel position
  • Painted or fabric-covered magnetic surfaces
  • Markerboard Panels

Privacy Door Options

  • Metal framed glass, hinged, and sliding
  • Wood framed glass, hinged, and sliding
  • Metal or solid core
  • Flush, solid wood veneer
  • Half or Full glass
  • Painted Metal
  • Painted wood
  • Stained wood
Extraordinarily reconfigurable and movable architectural walls . . . because change is inevitable.
When your goal is streamlined simplicity and durability, you need a modular office wall system. A unitized (fully factory assembled) modular office wall system, Corporate Wall has a proven record of durability and timeless design. For more than five decades, Corporate Wall has been the modular office wall system of choice because it pays for itself with just one office redesign.  For over 50 years, Corporate Wall has been the standard for modular wall systems with dozens of miles installed and reconfigured again and again.Designed to transform with the needs of your growing business, Corporate Wall’s demountable modular office wall system makes office reconfiguration fast, easy, and convenient.  Corporate Wall can pay for itself when you move or reconfigure your office just once. More importantly, you can depend on Transwall to be available to support your future design reconfiguration projects.Choose from a variety of door openings to support function without sacrificing design.  Durable yet quiet hinged or sliding office doors are available with metal or solid core, wood veneer, flush, half or full glass and painted metal, painted or stained wood finishes. Corporate Wall’s doors are engineered to provide a clean, simple, functional design proven to perform for many years to come.Corporate Wall is the clear choice when you want an economical, time-tested, durable modular wall system that is readily available.Dedicated to working with Architects, Interior Designers, Specifiers and Contractors, Transwall works to create solid, long-term relationships.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us Toll FREE at 800.441.9255.