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Modular Office Wall Systems

  • Adaptable to linear office floor plans
  • Refined appearance office wall system
  • Extensive selection of finished modular office partition panels
  • Vast choice of office wall designs
  • Dozens of opaque and glass office wall finish options
  • Completely reusable and reconfigurable

 Limitless Movalbe Office Wall Combinations

  • Double Glazed Clear Glass
  • Etched Glass options
  • Full height modular glass walls
  • Wall panels and filler panels in wood or melamine
  • Solid with top glass clerestory module
  • Aluminum frames with double glazing
  • Different finishes available for opposite sides of panels

Optimize Work Space Function

  • Solid wall panel tack board
  • Fabric-wrapped tackable walls.
  • Office walls with integrated white/marker boards
  • Writable  glass

Transwall: Your Modular Office Wall Company

Our modular office wall systems feature broad horizontally oriented panels, integrated storage components and optional ceiling attachment. Combining the finest modern European design and engineering, the wall system product line gives you the ability to create clean luminous spaces essential to today’s work environments.

Aesthetically appealing and highly functional, wall system is the prefect blend of refined wall panels and storage elements.  The result is clearly delineated work spaces and smart-looking, quality work environments. Your work spaces will communicate respect of environmental resources while supporting worker productivity and wellbeing.

Change is inevitable in today’s work environments. Designed to save you time and money, our modular office wall system gives you the stability of quality materials and the economy of easily reconfigurable work spaces.

The possibilities are endless. wall system delivers the strength of metal, the lightness of aluminum, the elegance of glass, wood, and dozens of customizable options.  When it comes to visually pleasing, ergonomic, environmentally friendly work spaces with a comfortable sound level, wall system is the solution.

Increase design value by incorporating storage elements into the modular wall system (or interior architecture).  With wall system, storage is no longer a problem.  wall system’s storage options support a more organized work space, the ability to secure confidential information, and fewer workplace accidents. Designs remain beautiful because paperwork and other materials can be kept out of sight. Accessory components make the entire system extremely versatile.

Distinguished by load-bearing structure, wall system guarantees extreme flexibility and easy installation. Its flexibility is ensured over time because the original layout can be altered without dismantling installed modules.

Achieve attractive architectural projects by combining the vast assortment of wall system’s color and finish options.

Service systems are easily integrated into wall system’s panels with compartments to house electrical wiring and data lines.  Shelves and hook-on containers options are available with a combination of glass and opaque wall modules.  wall system’s modular technology consists of removable elements that allow for easy access to the infrastructure and minimal work space interruption.

Dedicated to working with Architects, Interior Designers, Specifiers and Contractors, Transwall works to create long-term and solid relationships.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us Toll FREE at 800.441.9255.