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  • We have been a very happy Transwall client for several years. We had a need for a certain type of product a few years ago. At the time Transwall was not offering that type of product so we selected another major vendor. It did not go well. I missed the Transwall experience. We are glad to be back.
    BJ Thomas, Director of Facilities, Gateway Health, Pittsburgh
  • “Transwall was the shining star of the project. Nimble and responsive. You all understood the value of addressing the challenge first, and getting it done. Your team's ability to understand the importance of each nuance in working on tough projects is rare, and of high value”.
    Scott Taylor, Project Manager, Coakley & Williams Construction, following the May 2014 conclusion of a project of 80 office fronts of ONE/LP in Maryland
  • “I was very impressed with how quickly this project got underway. When we conducted our punch list we had to look incredibly close to find anything that resembled a mistake. We of course didn’t find any and are very, very pleased with the product.”
    Joe M, US Department of Homeland Security
  • “The space is beautiful and the Transwall is absolutely stunning. Everyone from the CEO down loves it. The contractor made a special call to me to tell me how great he thought it was. The CEO was actually smiling and he never shows any emotion about these things.”
    Jane Holt, Solidus
  • “They have produced excellent work with a minimal punch list. Transwall performance was of a high quality contractor and we would be willing to have them participate in any other projects we bid in the future.”
    Frank Suchak, Turner Construction Company
  • “When you find a company like Transwall that … pushes to impress the client, keep the client, and please the GC they are worth holding onto. We look forward to working with Transwall as more and more work starts to roll in.”
    Nancy T. Erardi, LEED AC, ACC Construction Corporation