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Our Movable Wall Systems


  • It matters when you keep growing, adapting and learning.
  • For over 50 years, Transwall has been meeting and exceeding clients expectations for responsiveness, durability, innovation and services.
  • As a family business for most of the 50 years, financial stability and reinvestment of profits in people, research, technology and equipment.

What’s Different?

A Unique Business Model

  • Movable walls and glass office fronts are not office furniture. Only furniture manufacturers and the IRS consider them so.
  • Transwall owns every step in the order creation and project fulfillment process. No hand-offs.
  • Transwall has grown up with one foot planted in the interior construction industry, and the other in the contract office furniture industry.
  • We are one of the few who knows the difference between the two and has made the investments to make a difference.

Our Approach to the Market

  • We are not for everyone, and do not try to be.
  • We are competitively priced and offer an extremely high value for the dollar. We will not be the low bid.
  • Our field tech and sales representatives are Transwall employees. Not independent reps or dealers.
  • We have technical, sales, delivery and installation team members in all of our Northeastern core markets every day.
  • We work nationally and internationally at the request of our clients, and have a distinguished track record of proof.

Tangible Commitment and Capabilities

  • We are a manufacturing company with significant investments made which allow us to anticipate and respond to clients needs of all.
  • We are not a sales, distribution company or virtual manufacturer.

Broadest and Deepest wall and glass product offering in the industry

  • 3 single glazed, frame less glass office front systems
  • 1 double glazed system
  • 2 Non-progressive steel/aluminum framed movable wall systems
  • 1 melamine clad demising wall system
  • Full offering of Division 8 glazing systems products

Equipment and Resources


  • 4 degreed engineers
  • 7 CADD designers
  • 7 Project Manager and Coordinators
  • 7 field technical and marketing reps
  • 3 owners active in the business every day
  • 3 logistic and material experts
  • 10 exclusive installation technicians
  • 70 Employees Total. Tenured and skilled machining, manufacturing, assembly and delivery team members


  • State of the art, high-­‐capacity powder coating paint system
  • 3 CNC steel punches and folders
  • 7 _ ton press brakes
  • 3 extended bed saws
  • 3 Delivery Trucks with company drivers
  • Warehouse

Manufacturing and Sales HQ

West Chester, PA – 85,000 Sq Feet


  • West Chester
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Washington, DC

International Resources

Group Doimo, Traviso, Italy

Why it Matters

Being established doesn’t necessarily matter, but developing and retaining decades of product and market experience does matter. Many expensive lessons are learned over decades, we don’t make the same mistakes twice.
We know that Walls and Glass are not furniture. This most important lesson learned about 15 years ago. We’ve tried the idea of making walls and pushing through reps, We understand the value and the role of the furniture dealer. Our best and most loyal clients are corporate and government end users, as well as informed and engaged dealers. The dealers allow Transwall to do what it does best, we make and stand behind the best wall systems anywhere.

The Bottom Line

  • Products designed and engineered by some of the best firms in the world.
  • 100% accountable for performance. Zero hand-offs.
  • More on-time project completions
  • No finger-pointing
  • Shorter, more quickly responded punch lists
  • The ultimate in a green-solution: products designed, engineered and installed to last beyond current-day expectations.