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Transwall Thanks Mike Cooney

Posted on   May 13, 2016 4:52 pm by  admin  No Comments

Transwall has the privilege of employing dozens and dozens of wonderfully talented, creative and productive people.

We are kicking off this employee highlight series with a profile of our own Mike Cooney.

Mike joined Transwall in October 1986 as a Hanger on the Paintline. Within one month he was promoted to a Painter and became the Head Painter after 6 months. He was promoted to Paintline Supervisor in 1996.

Mike CooneyMike and people like him at Transwall demonstrate a strong sense of urgency, which is important for our clients’ needs and extremely necessary in today’s marketplace. Mike wholeheartedly embraces new business opportunities and problem solving techniques both of which make him a valuable asset to Transwall.

He has always played an inspirational role contributing to our success in the good times and has also been an integral part of our strength during some tough times.

But most importantly, Mike’s three children have blessed him with eight grandsons – all between the ages of one month and six years!

Congratulations Mike and thank you for being such a valued member of our team!

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