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 Why Choose Transwall as Your Movable Wall Company?

  • Superior Brand – Pioneer – Passion- Dedication
  • Future-Focused Engineering
  • Exacting Craftsmanship
  • Customizable Options
  • History of Dependability = Buyer Confidence
  • Buyer Confidence
  • Eco-Sustainability

Superior Brand – Pioneer – Passion – Dedication

Fueled by our pioneering passion to design and manufacture future-focused modular wall systems, Transwall delivers world-class modular wall systems that inspire the imagination and stimulate worker productivity. For more than 50 years, Transwall products have set the pace for visual appeal, performance, durability, and eco-sustainability.


Future-Focused Engineering

A deep respect for cutting-edge innovation and the agility to respond to changing business requirements inspires Transwall’s engineers to create future-focused modular partition wall systems that give you the competitive advantage you need now and in the future.

Exacting Craftsmanship

Your workspace should be both energizing and functional. Finding that balance requires innovative thinking and attention to detail. Over the years, we’ve become well known for our precision engineering. We pride ourselves on exacting craftsmanship, progressive ideas and a total focus on the client experience.

The Client Experience is our single focus.
We’ve built a unique history on a foundation of open and honest working relationships. Our company blends the necessary elements of technology and unmatched experience to reduce and eliminate the risk of delays and mis-managed expectations.


Custom By Nature

Movable and Glass walls are ‘custom’ by their nature.
A little secret in the wall business is to understand and embrace that place in between the control of factory environment and the fluid, dynamic, and sometimes chaotic world of the construction site. We thrive in that space; creating the walls and related components in our factory, while preparing for the delivery and installation process. We lead and coordinate our deliverables, while fully executing our role as a member of the project team.
Our skills and experience provides for a no-drama, no-surprises client experience.

History of Dependability

Since 1963, demanding business leaders have depended on Transwall to provide attractive modular office wall systems that support worker productivity and a sense of professional excellence. As a long-standing supplier to the federal government, Transwall demonstrates its ability to deliver dependable modular office wall solutions throughout the US and the world over.

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