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Transwall Acoustic Dome installed over an open plenum ceiling.


Acoustic Dome solves sound transmission problems in an open plenum ceiling where sound bounces around the open space and penetrates other offices.


Markedly useful

Capture all of your best ideas every day, anywhere in your office, with Transwall ONE LP integrated glass Marker Boards. This seamless accessory to the ONE LP line offers single or dual-sided boards and a magnetic option for pinning up notes, sketches, and photos. Spans up to four feet wide and ten feet high, framed with natural, painted, or polished aluminum, let you outfit a small corner for collaboration or create a far-reaching ideas laboratory for single or multiple projects at one time. And ONE LP glass Marker Boards clean easily so there are no marker ghosts left behind. The new ONE LP glass Marker Board is a great addition to your work day that’s going to help everyone think just a little more clearly.

Transwall glass office Marker Board integrated with One LP movable glass office wall system
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