Flexible Space Solutions

Flexible Space Solutions

Movable, meaningful ways to create and recreate space.
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Lucid Desk and Floor Dividers

Seasons change, fashions change, minds change. Everything changes, so we created LUCID by Transwall as a beautiful new way for your business to adapt to change with style. LUCID desk-top or floor dividers bring agile functionality when you need to space things out, with a design quality that doesn’t feel temporary at all. There’s an honesty of detail to the lightweight-yet-stable frames and luminous glass of LUCID that elevates its humble purpose.

An array of standard finishes and glass options let you welcome LUCID to your space quickly. If you have time to wait just a smidge longer, you can expand the LUCID wardrobe with custom options. When nothing ever seems to stay the same, LUCID brings you the kind of versatility that makes change look elegantly easy

lucid desk and floor dividers by Transwall


Markedly useful

Capture all of your best ideas in one spot and make them visible to everyone participating in the room. Our glass Marker Board will seamlessly integrate with the Transwall ONE LP moveable glass wall system.

Transwall glass office Marker Board integrated with One LP movable glass office wall system


Getting outside of our own walls means specialized solutions for you.

Our commitment to tailoring the best solutions for businesses, designers, and contractors means we push outside our own company walls to test and develop the innovative architectural glazing solutions you need. Our partnerships with renowned industry peers have produced some of the most exciting new ideas you’ll find for security, telescoping, fold-stack, pocket, and fire-rated doors and entryways.

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