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Movable and Glass Modular Wall Systems

Whether you’re designing a high-energy collaborative work space, sleek confidential client conference room, energy saving offices, crisp clinic or inspirational education facilities, Transwall gives you the freedom to master your visionary design with these architectural wall panels. Transwall gives you maximum design freedom. Our movable and glass modular wall systems easily blend and integrate to create your custom design and perform according to your specifications.

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Easily access all the details needed to streamline your design process. Transwall supports Architect and Designers with:

  • Product specifications
  • Technical product descriptions
  • Design guides
  • Data sheets
  • CADD details
  • Installation instructions
  • Product catalogues
  • Guarantee information
  • Pricing information
  • Dedicated Support Partner
  • Environmental information & product ratings
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Quality assurance certificates
  • And more

Captivating Style

When you use Transwall modular wall systems, you can create innovative designs that give your clients the luxurious look and feel they crave. Tanswall’s components function to support worker comfort, productivity, storage needs, eco-sustainability, adaptability, and future growth.

Acclaimed for ingenious design and technical prowess since 1963, Transwall has been considered the epicenter of style when it comes to modular office wall systems. Architects and Designers agree that Transwall’s movable and glass wall systems give them the ability to create the stunning designs that attract a continuous flow of new clients.

View Transwall’s on-line product gallery of captivating modular and glass architectural wall panel systems and sound management solutions.

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Architects and Designers turn to Transwall because our extensive line of movable wall systems are engineered to supply the structural components needed to create today’s visually engaging, high-productivity, eco-supportive, economic office spaces. Get the components you want to create stunning award-winning designs, demonstrate your innovative design sensibility, be known for professional excellence.

Design freedom is yours with Transwall’s extensive selection. Options include glass and moveable wall systems, shaped and curved walls, top-hung or floor-mounted walls, doors that pivot, pocket, or slide, the ability to incorporate smart glass, , and a vast collection of finishes in glass, wood, fabric, laminate, melamine, and thermofoil.

Separate interior spaces, create new rooms, accommodate structures, navigate design specifications with eye-catching movable and glass wall systems that captivate and inspire.