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Learning & CEUs

Transwall invests in our architecture,design, business, and contractor partners through the development and presentation of hundreds of learning programs every year.

From sustainability to industry trends to acoustical or ergonomic research, we provide presentations and active learning sessions on everything that matters to the design and construction of workplaces that people love. Please contact us to schedule a program in your organization soon.

Sustainability & LEED

Transwall works to do all we can today and into the future to support a more sustainable environment. Part of the essence of our products is their adaptability and reuseability, both of which contribute to reducing waste year over year. At the end of their useful lives, recycling the core steel, glass and aluminum components of our products is simple and inexpensive.

While no product is currently able to be LEED-Certified, Transwall products assist in the LEED certification process within key credit sections. We offer a full list of resources for building professionals to utilize within their projects, including LEED documentation and LEED-accredited professionals available to consult on projects.


We’re always excited to share the latest news about Transwall glass wall systems and moveable wall systems with our partners and customers – send us your email through the link below to get our newsletter straight to your in-box, and take a look at some of our most recent issues at the links below.

Warranty Information

As a manufacturer, our pride is based in the quality of products that we create. We stand close with our partners and clients from start to finish of each project, and then always afterwards—Transwall stands behind our craftsmanship and lifetime warranty.

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