Create a functional workspace that helps your employees thrive.

Transwall’s movable glass partitions, walls, doors, and interior panel systems helps you to create functional workspaces. Our glass wall panels and interior glass wall systems have been used to design conference rooms, training centers, medical centers, fitness facilities, studios, convention centers, banks, workspaces for the Federal Government, individual offices, and many other commercial projects.




Create the office space you’ve always envisioned.

Our customers have high standards. We’re always developing our modular office walls, system designs, and our production capabilities to meet your expectations for great performance paired with aesthetic power. Durable wall finishes and wall coverings allow you to customize your office environments exactly as you’ve envisioned them. Easily transform your office space to create distance between workstations using demountable office fronts and portable desk or freestanding floor dividers while maintaining a collaborative organizational culture with transparent and movable glass partitions. Get started today – contact our team to learn more about our product selection or to request any of our samples!

Reimagining how buildings, people, and design can work together.

Proudly made in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.