Growth and Focus for the Future

Transwall manufactures and installs demountable wall systems and partners with clients ranging from corporate headquarters, private offices, universities, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and retail spaces.

Having been in operation since the 1960s, Transwall has had the opportunity to grow and refine not only its product lines, but also its approach to customer service. Transwall is dedicated towards developing innovative wall products and successfully competes with divisions of larger furniture companies, many of which are non-domestic. Transwall is rare as one of the few American-based companies specializing in wall products.

Company Chairman Jay Aikens says Transwall was founded in 1963 by his father, Hayes.

As a great point of pride, some of Transwall’s workforce has been there for thirty to forty years. Aikens praises the team as very hands-on, with “a lot of passionate employees who care a lot about the products,” and a company culture that encourages sticking around, leading to a low overall turnover and an exceptional customer experience.

This approach is crucial for the company. “We don’t walk away from anything until it’s complete and everyone is happy,” Valois says, touting the company’s made-to-order manufacturing facility, in-house powder coat paint line and production capabilities, and a material engineering group that handles customization of products.

The company identifies as an engineer-to-order operation and customizes its standard product to adapt to clients’ needs. Transwall can also move quickly to react to market trends and the eight product lines give it the ability to meet a wide variety of needs.

“Competitors come and go, but a combination of good products and good people have kept Transwall here.” 

— Company Executive Vice President Marc Valois

Valois lists the company’s three main sets of clients as end-users, architectural firms, and general contractors, all of whom must be satisfied. Transwall’s relationships with end-users and continued drive to cultivate those relationships have taken it across the country and overseas. The company has a number of well-established clients and excels at serving them, even manufacturing legacy products to keep customers happy while working with them to convert to newer product lines. The company’s growth has been rapid over the past few years, and Valois says that catering to the different needs of these clients has helped the company succeed.

Aikens has seen a lot of customer loyalty, with some clients having been around for over twenty years. They know Transwall to be reliable and trustworthy.

By: William Young (Manufacturing In Focus)

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