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Government Capabilities

Seasoned & Reliable Government Contractor  Transwall is a United States based, small business certified manufacturer of glass office fronts and solid demountable partitions headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  For over 40 years, government clients have chosen to partner with Transwall for their office space needs.  We continue to adapt and modernize while maintaining the foundations of quality and expertise that each of our products encompass. 

Design & Delivery
Transwall is committed to designing and delivering work spaces that maximize long-term economic and strategic value. We believe in creating lasting relationships and the power of sustainability. Movable office partitions and walls are available in a variety of styles that increase space flexibility. 

Problem Solving
Transwall offers flexible and innovative solutions to our federal partners.  We make it our business to anticipate your needs, and we have over 56 years of experience to back it up. You save time, effort, and money.

Transwall makes it possible for our government clients to leverage volume to meet reasonable pricing objectives. It’s about accommodating services and giving you solutions based pricing.

Compliance Efficiency 
We know that compliance is key. We also believe that it is our duty to manage compliance efficiently to reduce taxpayer costs. The Transwall team provides up-to-date pricelists that reflect our current product offerings, services, and solutions. 

Go Beyond
Transwall provides tools, guidance and consultant support that goes beyond delivering traditional government office design. The tools and support are scaled to the level of employee engagement that your client organization deems appropriate and can be minimally intrusive as the client organization goes about its mission. As a result, you will enjoy the control of a customer-driven process which adds real value to your real estate.

Corporate Wall by Transwall installed in a government building