We make your workspace work for you.

In our hearts, we’re craftspeople with a passion for tailoring our glass office walls and movable partition systems into a great place to work.

Since our establishment in 1963, Transwall has said “yes, we can figure that out” to challenge after challenge, creating a fan base of businesses, architects, designers, and contractors who love the Transwall process and most importantly the end result of selecting Transwall glass office partitions.

office meeting space enclosed by Transwall moveable glass walls
office with office spaces enclosed by Transwall glass walls

Reimagining how buildings, people, and design can work together.

We design with the modern demands of commercial office spaces, conference rooms, clinics, educational environments, and showrooms in mind: more light, more flexibility, more adaptability…and always more style.

A Transwall system is an investment in your success that lasts.

Proudly made in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.

The entire line of Transwall glass wall systems and movable wall products are designed and manufactured in West Chester, PA. The entire line is sold and serviced by Transwall employees. We’re hands-on from design, to specs, to buildout, and beyond. Throughout the process, you’ll always work directly with a Transwall colleague.

Want to see our wall systems in person? We’d love to give you a tour of our factory or have one of our sales managers give you a needs assessment right in your own office. We also can provide  a variety of samples, material options, and more to help you create a beautiful and tailored office design. Get started on your vision – contact us today!

ONE LP office partition walls with framed double pivot doors.

Every work space starts with a vision…yours.

Transwall’s glass walls bring what you imagine to life.

Scan our galleries to see how we’ve helped designers, architects, and our clients create innovative, flexible, light-filled work spaces.

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