Lucid Desk and Floor Dividers

Seasons change, fashions change, minds change. Everything changes, so we created LUCID by Transwall as a beautiful new way for your business to adapt to change with style. LUCID free-standing desk, tabletop and floor dividers bring agile functionality when you need to space things out, with a design quality that doesn’t feel temporary at all. There’s an honesty of detail to the lightweight-yet-stable frames and luminous glass of LUCID that elevates its humble purpose.

An array of standard finishes and glass options let you welcome LUCID glass divider panels into your space quickly. If you have time to wait just a smidge longer, you can expand the LUCID wardrobe with custom options. When nothing ever seems to stay the same, LUCID brings you the kind of versatility that makes change look elegantly easy.

Conceived in partnership with Gensler.

Floor Divider
Glazing: Clear, Frosted, Fluted, Smoked
Frames: Bronze, Graphite, Silver & White
Floor Bracket Finish: White, Black
Manufacturing Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
L 31 1/2″ x H 70 3/4″
L 39 1/2″ x H 70 3/4″
L 47 1/4″ x H 70 3/4″

Desk Divider
Glazing: Clear, Frosted, Smoked
Mounting Bracket Finish: Silver
Styles: Available in a solid glass panel or pass-through window
Manufacturing Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
L 23 1/2” x W 23 1/2”
L 35 1/2” x W 23 1/2”
L 47 1/4” x W 23 1/2”
L 23 1/2” x W 29 1/2”
L 35 1/2” x W 29 1/2”
L 47 1/4” x W 29 1/2”

Lucid glass wall and floor dividers by Transwall

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