Transformable office wall panels that move with ease

Functional and adaptable, ZWall’s transformable office wall panels provide the utmost flexibility in a variety of work spaces. With dozens of wall finishes to choose from, our modular office walls can transform your interior office layout with ease. Plug & Play electrical systems, off-module attachments, and almost any office furniture system can be integrated with ZWall wall panels.  Architects and designers love Transwall’s intelligent use of steel, glass, and aluminum for their contribution to LEED credits. ZWall’s core construction materials are recyclable, helping to reduce the amount of drywall and other conventional construction debris at the end of its lifecycle.

Want to change your outdated finishes and update your interior aesthetic? ZWall’s modular construction allows you to replace damaged parts, update tile materials, and reconstruct your office space with less cost and waste. Transform work spaces from a solid wall to clerestory, or to a full glass wall to capture more natural light. To see how our movable walls can create a variety of functional, sustainable office workspaces, contact Transwall today. Request samples of Transwall’s finishes to get started.

ZWALL transformable glass office wall panels by Transwall

Request Samples

Want to touch and feel one of the sleek Transwall metals? Or our vibrant wood finishes from the palest maple to the deepest walnut? Your wish is our fulfillment command. Requests after 1pm eastern US time will be fulfilled the next business day, though. Please anticipate 1-3 days standard shipping time.

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